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Public Risk Innovation, Solutions, and Management (PRISM) has partnered with TargetSolutions — the U.S. leader in online, enterprise risk management solutions for public entities — to deliver a web-based training and risk management platform to all members. PRISM Learning is a growing list of online courses available to your organization at no additional cost.

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PRISM: Heat Illness Prevention
This course meets the Cal/OSHA training requirements of the Heat Illness Prevention regulation (Title 8 Section 3395), which applies to all outdoor workers. This training is meant for general employees and not for employees with supervisory duties. The topics covered are:
  • Defining heat illness
  • The employer’s responsibilities under this regulation
    • Note: these are the general responsibilities of employers and this training should be supplemented with your Het Illness Prevention policy and specific procedures for how these responsibilities will be met (provision of water, shade, site specific emergency response procedures, etc.).
  • How heat illness occurs and how to identify heat illness
  • The risk factors contributing to heat illness how to mitigate some of the risks
  • Symptoms and general first aid procedures for heat illness.
Course Duration: 0.75 Hour(s)
PRISM: Wildfire Smoke Awareness
Over the last several years California has been affected by large wildfires throughout the state. In response Cal/OSHA has adopted a new standard to protect employees exposed to wildfire smoke. This course provides wildfire smoke awareness information for all outdoor employees and will cover employee training requirements set forth in the Cal/OSHA regulation (Title 8, Section 5141.1) Protecting Workers from Wildfire Smoke, Appendix B. The course will cover: health effects of wildfire smoke, how to obtain AQI information, employer requirements, and respirator importance and use. Course Duration: 0.5 Hour(s)